इस नए surise में participate करे , जो भी ये उद्यम लगाना चाहे संपर्क करे…

इस नए surise में participate करे , जो भी ये उद्यम लगाना चाहे संपर्क करे
Bihar Bioplastics

Возможно, это изображение текст «Û years. Polyethylene bags/bottles have become persistent hreats environment. The pollution caused by pervasive polyethylene based packing material having impact nature. own polyethylene efforts recycle view various options being researched developed bags based formulation developed The product have costly. segregation usage plastics replace these hazardous materials. starch studies, graded tuned ustomer requirement. feasibility realized with M/s. Ecolastic Products, completion the formulation, trials machinery completed and necessary certifications obtained final product. DRDO developed Water resistant types bags Water soluble bags( land applications) ea applications) salient features product alternate conventional single-use plastic»Возможно, это изображение текст «friendly, -degradable Home compostable conventional animals/aquaticlife within disposal/ consumption completely urns manure after 80 days. elongation(250-300%) certifiedfro Printable multiple colors based onU requirement technology developed successfully and DRDO willing transfer the technology industries mass production th benefit ociety and mankind. The EOI under process.»Нет описания фото.


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