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Photoshop can be too complicated for many users. You may even consider learning the basics of Flash (see Chapter 17) to help with much of what Photoshop does, so that you can work in a hybrid image-editing environment. Getting Familiar with Photoshop’s Basic Features The Table of Contents explains the major features of Photoshop, but don’t worry if you find it overwhelming. You can get a feel for Photoshop’s basics without delving into all the bells and whistles. Most people stick with the basics, but some users do a lot of photo editing. Knowing the major features of Photoshop is helpful when you get into a tough spot. If you’re working on an image, you may find you want to delete a specific object or fix a bad exposure, or perform other basic tasks. You can skip straight to the feature you need and dig in. If you become frustrated by all the options and features you see, you can create a working document (a blank sheet in Photoshop) for a particular editing task and use the tools for the feature, rather than waste time on extraneous tools. You can import a photo as a background layer — that is, it exists on top of everything else on the image. A background layer doesn’t appear when you print a photo; it remains in Photoshop but doesn’t show up when the photo is printed. The following sections introduce some of Photoshop’s major features in a bit of depth. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out Chapter 8 (or see the Table of Contents) to find out about the basic tools and features of a photograph. Basic editing with layers Layers are a major feature of Photoshop. Layers help you keep track of the elements you edit in an image. You may have an image with multiple layers of people on it, for example, with a background on which the people are on, and then a layer with the people. Each layer is like a transparent sheet of paper on top of the other — you can go underneath the top layer and see the layer underneath, and so on. You can print a layer just like any other Photoshop object, which means that you can print a layer in reverse to view it from behind the image. Buttons control the visibility of layers. If you place an image on a layer and make that layer visible, then you can see the image that is under that layer. You can hide individual layers, just as you can with image objects, to get a view

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an alternative to traditional Photoshop. It’s a photo editor for photographers. This software helps you work quickly with your pictures by organizing them, fixing problems, and displaying your photos on websites and social media. Basic Photoshop is a highly cross-platform, professional-level image editor that is included as a standard part of the Adobe Creative Suite. It is the most popular image editing software and makes use of the same capabilities as Adobe’s software for commercial printing. Adobe Photoshop Express (formerly Photogene) is a computer software application for the editing and manipulation of still photos and video. Adobe Photoshop Mobile is the mobile version of the Photoshop Creative Cloud app. Free Graphics Software: Adobe Illustrator is one of the most powerful digital graphic design tools available. It is used for creating logos, drawings, design projects, and more. Adobe Photoshop is the successor to Adobe PhotoDraw, an image manipulation application. If you are looking for a powerful and intuitive tool for applying effects to images, this program is perfect for you. Adobe Fireworks is a vector graphics-based tool for creating, visualizing, and editing websites. It is used primarily to create web graphics like logos, backgrounds, buttons, and icons. Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development tool. It is used for both the creation of new websites and the editing of existing websites. Adobe Flash is a powerful, but discontinued, tool designed to create web animations. It’s still used by many web designers to create streaming and text-based animations for websites. Adobe Kuler is an online web designer tool that allows users to create and edit color palettes. The use of color palettes is an important part of web design. Adobe Flash, Flash Builder, and Flash Professional are powerful web development tools for creating websites. Adobe Flash Animator is a basic program that allows you to create and export animations of photos and videos. It is also capable of producing PowerPoint slideshows. Adobe Flash is a powerful tool used by web designers to create interactive, web-based applications. The most popular web development tool in its category. Adobe Suite: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (PDF editor) is Adobe’s desktop publishing software. Adobe InDesign is a print-previewing, page layout, and graphic design software that was first released 388ed7b0c7

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The Hand Tool is useful for creating some of the vector tools you see commonly in Adobe Illustrator. The Brush or Pen Tool is used to create certain types of effects. Some of the tools are selected, activate or deactivated with shortcuts on your keyboard. Other features allow you to save your work for future projects. These techniques are especially helpful when printing on a laser printer as it eliminates the need to print multiple copies of an image. To save a Photoshop document, follow these steps: Step 1. Click on File > Save. Enter a file name and click OK. Step 2. Alternatively you can right-click on a document in the Photoshop Documents panel and select Save from the popup menu. Step 3. Choose a folder, and click Save. The options that can be saved vary depending on how and what you are saving. There are options to save as a JPEG or TIFF file, or as a PSD file with your settings intact, or as a high-quality JPEG or TIFF file that retains all of your settings. If you save your images as PSD files, you can export your document as a graphics file. This allows you to open an image in a vector graphics program like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign and edit the image by making changes to the shapes (vector graphics elements) within the file. InDesign, InCopy and QuarkXpress users can create PDF files directly from Illustrator files, without saving them first as a PSD file. Direct printing from Photoshop creates a high-quality image, using your default settings. You can use this method if you want to print to an inkjet or laser printer but also want to retain the settings for the image (color, size, bleed and trim sizes, etc.). If you want to preserve these options, then save the file as a high-quality JPEG or TIFF, and then print to a laser printer. Note A PDF File or an EPS File will preserve the quality and color of the original document. Direct printing from Photoshop allows you to select the printer and file output (size, color, bleed, etc.) using the type of printer to be used. From an image opened in Photoshop, you can save it to a file on your computer or a different drive. There are several options available. Step 1. Select the file or folder you wish to save. Step 2. Choose

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Please note that for this demo, the users are limited to 2500 players on at a time. The demo can be viewed on the Steam platform and GOG. System Requirements:OS: Mac Windows 7+ Browser: Internet Explorer (Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, USA), Firefox (Mozilla Corporation, Mountain View, CA, USA), Chrome (Google Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA), Safari (Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA, USA)

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