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File encryption is important for data security, but if you need to protect a large amount of documents, you may need a tool that you can use to secure them all in one operation. Batch File Encrypt allows you to process multiple files at once, in manual, automatic or scheduled mode. It offers a wide range of features, but inexperienced users may find some of its more advanced functions difficult to understand. Note that if you install the application, instead of running it in portable mode, some third party offers might be included. Secure files using advanced encryption algorithms The application allows you to password-protect your files with four symmetric encryption algorithms: AES / Rijndael, Triple-DES (3-DES), RC2 and DES. It is possible to simply enter a single Unicode password and have the program automatically compute encryption keys. You can also specify the keys directly, then determine their length in bits. The program can automatically generate a random password, seed or key, as well as encrypt whole files or just the bits in a specific range. Create custom action sequences Batch File Encrypt allows you to set up a list of actions to be performed on files in the processing queue, as well as add conditions, ensuring that only documents matching certain criteria are modified. You can also save the current action list as a template and load it again at a later date, if you need to modify a different set of files in a similar way. Process files automatically or on a schedule Batch File Encrypt enables you to set up monitors that scan specified paths periodically, then add files matching certain criteria to the processing queue. You can also create processing jobs that are executed based on specific triggers or on a preset schedule. Overall, Batch File Encrypt is a complex tool that offers multiple processing modes, designed to help you password-protect large amounts of files.







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Batch File Encrypt Serial Key is a powerful and complex application for encrypting and decrypting files. Its high level of configurability provides numerous potential uses. It is designed to process batches of files, either automatically or manually, and has an advanced interface that makes it easy to set up complex actions. You can define the elements of a file’s content to be encrypted, as well as set up a sequence of actions to be carried out on the encrypted files, using an extensive range of encryption algorithms. Its sophisticated configuration wizard can help you create a unique batch file that incorporates encrypting and decrypting your files. Automatic unencrypted-file recovery Batch File Encrypt is designed to be a flexible tool that can help you combat identity theft, by ensuring that your company’s sensitive files remain safe. You can use the program to automatically secure files containing PII, like names, addresses and Social Security numbers. Batch File Encrypt Features: Password-protect your files with various encryption algorithms You can generate and activate an initial password, or use the automatic option and have the program automatically compute the keys Use various symmetric and asymmetric algorithms to secure your files Use AES (Rijndael), Triple-DES (3-DES), RC2 and DES algorithms Create complex action sequences using conditional statements Add triggers to a list of files that are processed at a particular time, based on conditions like file size or modification date Save the current action list as a template and load it again Process files automatically or on a schedule Add encrypted files to a processing queue based on multiple monitor definitions Define different actions for encrypted files based on file extension Perform actions on files based on time periods, including last modification and file size Set up custom tasks for files based on actions, triggers and time Protect files containing PII or sensitive information, like credit card data Speed – Batch File Encrypt is designed to be a fast and efficient application. Extensive printable help document Preserves the original file order (in case of reverting) The most commonly used algorithms have been optimized and are proven to be secure List of all supported algorithms is included in the help file Easy to use configuration wizard Send Batch File Encrypt to a friend Monitor files for changes, and send them to the processing queue Actual results can be viewed from the program’s results window Batch File Encrypt Graphical user interface

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KeePassFileCompress is a file compression utility developed by KeePass with the main goal to compress and decompress files with an open-source cross-platform password manager. The implementation is written in Java and was based on the original code developed by Ruben Boonen. It runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. The project has an open-source license, allowing the user to modify and integrate it in the software used by the end-user. The application supports several compression algorithms, including Gzip, Bzip2 and LZMA. In addition, the tool can decompress almost all of the different formats supported by zlib, like LZO, PPMd, PKWARE, Snappy and Stuffit. Besides that, the utility offers the possibility to support both a wide range of file formats and additional features, such as secure password management or a dry run mode to determine the impact of the compression or decompression on the original file. KeePassFileCompress manages the data stored in the system with a set of tools for cross-platform compatibility. The list includes things like password encryption, auto-entering data, key generation, file history, secure settings saving, import and export files and so on. We can also add that, thanks to the possibility of sharing the key between the application and the database, KeePassFileCompress has a native support for auto-entering data into the password manager, as well as a dry-run mode to make sure that the data format conversions will not affect the original password database. The tool is also able to import/export as well as import/export databases from KeePass v1.X (also v2.X) or from KeePass Password Safe. A full list of KeePassFileCompress key features is available at the official website. Overall, the application has a good cross-platform compatibility and also offers an API for third-party applications and plugins. KeePassFileCompress Support: The tool runs on Windows, macOS and Linux (32-bit and 64-bit) systems. The application is fully compatible with KeePass v2.X, v3.0.4 and v3.2.4 and higher. KeePassFileCompress is also compatible with the following versions of the database format: KeePass 1.0 and 1.5. System Requirements: The software has been b7e8fdf5c8

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Batch File Encrypt, Software Informer’s most powerful product yet, is the first batch file encryption/decryption utility to feature an easy to use Mac application, a Windows application, as well as a server based solution. Batch File Encrypt is the best tool to encrypt or decrypt files stored in TXT, XLS, DOC, HTML, XLSX, and even ZIP formats. Version: 5.5.3 Released: 2015-07-05 System Requirements: Operating System: Windows x64, Linux x64, MacOS x64 CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.83GHz or AMD Athlon 2000+ RAM: 2GB or more Features: Simple GUI with an easy to understand interface Choice of symmetrical or asymmetrical encryption/decryption using AES (Rijndael), 3DES (Triple DES), DES or RC2 Integrated AES key wrapping using 64-bit keys Cryptographic functions from NCRYPT, including XTS, AES-CTS and RC4, as well as the industry leading RSA public/private key pairs and KEYSET functionality For XLS and XLSX files, it is possible to store passwords or encrypt ranges within the workbook using 4 different modes of encryption Options to specify the password or key directly, or to randomly generate one from the clipboard Decryption can be performed in pass-through mode to automatically decrypt large files. The password can be provided by user, manually entered, or entered automatically from the clipboard Encryption settings can be saved as templates, which enables users to quickly re-apply them to other large files Included in the software are the AES/RC2 Encryptor and AES/RC2 Decryptor, plus the AES/3DES Encryptor and 3DES Encryptor Synchronization with Batch Scheduler, allowing to schedule the processing of files. You can select certain time intervals to decrypt or encrypt files Data and folder monitoring. Files can be monitored in order to decrypt them. These files can also be scheduled to be decrypted at certain times or days of the week or month Ability to select both, subfolders and files to be monitored for decryption File Encryption by password in 8 different modes File Encryption by passing key in 9 different modes Password Encryption by time interval in 9 different modes The CLI Encryptor allows you to encrypt files using a simple command line interface. It

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The application allows you to securely encrypt files with powerful encryption algorithms. The program can password-protect single files, a single range of bits or a complete folder, as well as create a custom archive action. It supports 256-bit AES encryption, with a manual or automatic computation of the encryption key, as well as Triple-DES, Triple-DES (3-DES), RC2 and DES encryption, with a manual or automatic key generation. The program can automatically extract the encryption key from a previously encrypted file, if necessary. You can schedule the application to encrypt your files periodically, to ensure that your sensitive documents are safe at all times. The program allows you to create custom action sequences that can be triggered automatically at specific times, or when a specific file is received, based on file attributes or events. The program can save processing sequences as templates, so that you can easily modify them for future use. The file encryption program Batch File Encrypt is very powerful, with a large number of options. Still, the program might be a little difficult to understand for people with no previous experience. The program offers five main features, including an integrated scheduler, action sequences, monitors, a file encryption action and file encryption with self-extracting archives. Create secure archives using self-extracting archives The application enables you to create a self-extracting archive (SFX) file or ZIP file that securely encrypts files in a specified folder. Batch File Encrypt can extract an archive using a password, and you can even give the archive a custom icon so that it will look like a password-protected file when you extract it. In addition, you can rename the extracted files, so that it appears as if they were encrypted. Encrypt files manually or automatically You can encrypt files manually, with options ranging from manual entering of the password, to automatic computation of the encryption key from a previously encrypted file. You can also set specific ranges of bits to be encrypted, protecting files with passwords from 100 to 256 bits long. The application lets you password-protect individual files, a single range of bits, or an entire folder. You can also encrypt individual folders, and even determine the length of the password in bits. Add files to the password-protected archive. The application can save its processing sequences as templates, and you can load a previously stored action template. When a file matching the specified conditions is added to the

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2Gb RAM 20Gb free disk space Installed plug-ins (for example PyInstalls, Shibboleth) 2 free hours per run (CPU) The training requirements vary. It is necessary to solve a series of problems, like e.g. extraction of information from PDF files, so that all important methods can be illustrated. The standard examination consists of a total of 20 problems and the passing of 20 problems is needed for an exam. The standard examination is always at the end of the training and

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