Biodegradable -2 Bioplastics जैविक पॉलिथीन (carry bag)…

Biodegradable -2 Bioplastics जैविक पॉलिथीन (carry bag)
केला, आलू और मकई से बने हुए कैरी बैग ना सिर्फ सस्ते हैं बल्कि प्रदूषण भी रोकते हैं तथा जमीन की उर्वरता बढ़ाते हैं
बिहार में रोजगार की बहुत आवश्यकता है, इस महामारी में भी लोग वापस दिल्ली पंजाब जाने लगे हैं
बिहार के युवा वर्ग की यह जिम्मेदारी बनती है कि वह उद्यमी बने तथा बिहार में रोजगार पैदा करें
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Simple Definition Of What Biodegradable Means
“Biodegradable” refers to the ability of things to get disintegrated (decomposed) by the
Action of micro-organisms such as bacteria or fungi biological (with or without oxygen)
While getting assimilated into the natural environment. There’s no ecological harm
during the process. We can either speak of biodegradable solids (also called
Compostable) or liquids that biodegrade into water.
Types of Bioplastic
Bioplastics are currently used in disposable items like packaging, containers, straws, bags and bottles, and in non-disposable carpet, plastic piping, phone casings, 3D printing, car insulation and medical implants. There are two main types of bioplastics.
Use of Bio plastic in India
In India, Bioplastics are still in their nascent stage with very few market players operating in this segment. Currently, the Indian Bioplastics market is beset by challenges such as low awareness that are typical to emerging markets, especially the markets dealing with eco- friendly products, but there is a potential for companies wishing to enter this market.
Bioplastics manufacturers can benefit from the easy availability of abundant feed stock in India. This segment has a long way to go in terms of production, raw materials and technology. Environmental awareness and promoting the long-term benefits of bio-plastics is an initial step that needs to take toward bringing this change.
On a brighter note, Jammu & Kashmir is the first state in India to have built a dedicated bioplastic product manufacturing facility with an installed capacity of about 960 metric tons per year. The J&K Agro Industries Ltd has started its joint venture with Earth-soul India to launch the country’s first integrated biopolymer facility that can manufacture 100% bio- degradable and compostable products. The facility manufactures flower pots and trays for floriculture, carry bags for shopping.


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