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The power and control of gameplay are driven by motion capture and data collection Anecdotal evidence and player feedback has been combined with data from a long-term study to create the world’s most accurate motion capture data, which is used to understand how fans play their favourite positions and team styles to create a brand new, authentic and reactive FIFA experience. Gameplay features FIFA 22 introduces a brand new in-game camera view, which places the player in a new, more realistic position and provides context-sensitive, position-specific player controls. A host of new tutorial features and tutorials created for the most popular positions and team types are designed to help new and experienced players discover the new, more fluid, ball-based gameplay FIFA 22 offers. FIFA 22 introduces a new “Create-a-Player” feature, which allows users to create and populate teams with new players, based on their own or other teams’ match history, or even other players’ data. A range of new visuals on-pitch and during replays have been introduced, with new camera angles, new interactions and better on-pitch player placement. These create a more authentic and reactive FIFA experience. A range of new off-pitch animations have been created, including improved off-pitch animations for open play situations, heading and free kicks and improved animations for goal kicks. This season’s new LIVE Leagues can be created from the beginning, so fans can start the tournament with a fresh opponent or create their own fantasy competition. A new Stadium Mode, in partnership with EA SPORTS, allows fans to use real-world stadiums, and create own-themed stadiums and layouts. The Global Series has also been updated to a new Quick Match format, introducing stadium changes and conditions, including new “international” rules. FIFA 22 will also introduce the option to buy and sell clubs, to expand the auction pool. The highly-anticipated FIFA Ultimate Team mode will also see a number of new additions, including Player Maker, League Maker and Custom Draft. Player Maker The Player Maker allows fans to create their own players and player templates using data from any player profile. Fans are also able to apply a number of bonuses to their player, such as player attributes, common skills and off-ball intelligence


Features Key:

  • Experience the most authentic football gameplay yet with new Player Intelligence, new dribbling and shooting mechanics, improved ball physics, and improved visuals.


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Developed by EA Canada using the Frostbite Engine, FIFA is one of the world’s top football games. Each year the official videogame of FIFA, EA SPORTS FIFA simulates the beautiful game on the field to one million players around the world with more than a million in-game days played globally. Every decision in-game is driven by real-world data to ensure every single outcome is as authentic as possible. The FIFA World Player Series, which last year launched on mobile devices worldwide, provides more than 5 million mobile players with a free platform for in-game gameplay and training tips. All of this was created by FIFA fans for FIFA fans. What is FIFA Ultimate Team? FIFA Ultimate Team is an all-new way to play. Play to earn, purchase packs, and shop for players with more than 1,000 FUT SKUs, showing the world the brilliance of your team on and off the pitch. What is FIFA Ultimate Edition? Featuring more real-world leagues, all-new cards, improved Ultimate Team, enhanced Online Pass (with online qualifiers), new features and much more, EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Ultimate Edition takes the ultimate football experience on the road. If you haven’t purchased FIFA 17 Ultimate Edition, what are you waiting for? When will FIFA 17 be available for PlayStation 4? FIFA 17 launches on PlayStation 4 on September 26, 2016 at retail stores and on PlayStation Network. What are the included content from the FIFA Ultimate Edition? PlayStation 4 Standard Edition includes: FIFA 17: Ultimate Edition (PS4) The FIFA Game of the Year Edition FIFA 17: Ultimate Edition will include: FIFA 17 The FIFA Game of the Year Edition The Ultimate Team Manager Edition (in-game client only) Three (3) Ultimate Team Packs The “David Beckham” Football Card What are the included content from the FIFA 17 release on PS3? PlayStation 3 Standard Edition includes: FIFA 17 FIFA Game of the Year Edition (for PlayStation 3) FIFA Ultimate Team Manager Edition (in-game client only) The FIFA Game of the Year Edition FIFA 17 (for PlayStation 3) The FIFA Game of the Year Edition The “Zlatan Ibrahimovic” Football Card What are the included content from the FIFA Ultimate Edition for Xbox 360? Xbox 360 Standard bc9d6d6daa


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Forza Motorsport 7 comes with a brand new game mode called FIFA Ultimate Team. Build your own dream squad from over 300 real players and compete in interactive game modes. Choose any of a wide range of kits to suit your individual playing style. Or use the built in transfer system to discover the best possible FUT squad. Journey – Journey will allow players to hop in and out of matches, featuring a redesigned matchmaking system, match-improved controls, and nearly 100 more players. Be the creator of the most exciting games, create the best matches and claim the top rewards. Multiplayer – EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Ultimate Team continues to deliver the high-octane competition of FIFA ’s headline competitions to your living room. Create and share your very own dream team with the all-new FIFA Ultimate Team experience. And with all the new features on offer, what better way to show off your skills than in a 4-on-4 elimination tournament. Online – Customise your online experience with more content and features in FIFA Ultimate Team, and move seamlessly between FIFA ’s leading competitions including the Premier League and FIFA. Also, choose from over 150 licensed teams in the FIFA Challenge mode, or create your own. Single Player – Explore 16 all-new story modes, including My Career, FA Cup, Under-23s, Russian Top League, German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League and more. Or play any of your favourite modes offline, or with up to eight friends. MY GAMES In FIFA ’s flagship competition, face off against your friends online in the ultimate tournament with all of your friends. My FIFA is an online experience which lets you enjoy the four modes you love. Compete in Exhibition Match, Online League, Online Cup, and Online Ladder. FIFA DICE WORLD TIKKIT Create a more realistic FIFA experience in the authentic FIFA World League DICE, thanks to the new 3D physics engine, fluid gameplay, and more. The pitch experience goes beyond the surface – players will dodge balls, avoid contact, and create amazing goals like never before. The all-new 3D-camera and realistic player models bring every action and movement into your very own pitch. REAL WORLD FOOTBALL Make inspired moves in a reimagined 3D, free-running soccer experience with the help of new stadiums, new players, and more. Manage your team on the pitch and


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