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FIFA 22 introduces a new coach avatar to the FIFA franchise, and the new football experience is now in the hands of the player. FIFA 22 contains: A new control scheme to make the ball feel more responsive and responsive to motion A refined user interface with customizable menu choices and improvements to the A.I. that will help players anticipate and predict the next actions of their opponents New innovations to the Career Mode including new ways to gain success in ranked and unranked matches, such as new in-game rewards and mini-tournaments An all-new game engine to provide a larger playing field and fewer glitches and bugs in game New gameplay innovations such as reactive AI, a faster gameplay pace and a robust new Player Impact Engine that provides a deeper understanding of match context and relationships between players Several new stadiums and an all-new two-man commentary system with commentary provided by two different commentating crews. The new commentary system allows the commentary to be passed from one commentary crew to the other as the ball moves around the pitch. Major Customization Features FIFA 22 is available for preorder through select online retailers for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be available for preorder starting Wednesday, November 22. For more information on FIFA 22, please visit For additional news on FIFA 22 and FIFA Ultimate Team, follow @FIFATeam and @FIFA on Twitter. For more information on FIFA and the FIFA World Cup, please visit the FIFA newsroom. Miguel Palencia Director, FIFA Interactive The Major League Soccer (MLS) club Houston Dynamo is the first club to join our One Club, One Team initiative. Houston Dynamo — and Major League Soccer in general — have been our partner and the representative of soccer on PlayStation consoles since the release of FIFA 14 more than three years ago. We’ve looked to them for insights and continued support, and they’ve been very much a part of our planning process for FIFA 22. We’re proud to offer everyone an unprecedented level of authenticity with global content in FIFA 22, and we’re looking forward to being able to offer a truly authentic experience — from the look and feel of the stadiums and colors, all the way to the gameplay — to our friends at MLS


Features Key:

  • The complete team for the competitive build of FIFA 22, with more than 350 players to create your dream squad.
  • A brand new engine, the Maxwell engine, that allows hundreds of new gameplay and visual effects with smoother graphics and better lighting.
  • Bring your FIFA game to the next level by using the 22 FIFA Pro Evolution Soccer Gameplay. With more than 180 options and over 100 sliders to explore for players and coaches, you’ll have full customization power in any formation. Go head-to-head with 10 leaderboard challenges, including Live Capture Football which allows gamers to compete live against friends.
  • Substitutions.
  • Football dynamics and adjustments based on team size, world-class skills, and AI intensity.
  • Import and export of club pages, kits, contracts, and contracts.
  • Player Profiles.
  • Unique Tactical Takedown System, based on the real-world contact and balance of movements used in matches.
  • Over 35 football activities, including free kicks, corner kicks, dribbles, goal kicks, penalties, set pieces, and all kinds of passing moves.
  • FIFA 22 for Windows delivers the most complete sports experience. Windows platforms + + console experiences are now supported by the same codebase in Brazil. EA has certified the game for download in 30 languages.


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Powered by Football™, FIFA 22 delivers a true season of innovation, where every detail of the game has been calibrated to produce a FIFA experience closer to the real thing than ever before. From your players’ robust and reactive AI, to the fidelity of new animations, to the power of the Play Action Engine, new systems allow players to take control of any situation on the pitch. The trademark FIFA gameplay that fans worldwide have come to expect from FIFA is enhanced and enhanced again in FIFA 22. Create your ultimate team and experience the intensity and excitement of your favorite sport, like never before! A NEW SEASON OF INNOVATION New systems and innovative gameplay deliver a season of innovation. Play Action Engine is a key part of a strategic AI which anticipates your every move. This is the first time that the ability to play one-touch passes through multiple defenders has been applied to the A.I., meaning opponents have the freedom to find space wherever they like, with the game accurately balancing real-world situations. Improved long passes and free kicks enable players to take on-the-ball players, and interpret passes in new ways. New defender behaviours and tactics mean defenders take up a more threatening position early in the match, and they move well together to protect the box, creating new outlets for player creativity. MULTIPLAYER Both online and offline games add excitement to your FIFA gameplay. Offline matches feature the same visual presentation as the Xbox 360™ and PlayStation® 3 versions of FIFA, with textures that have been enhanced to provide a realistic representation of the pitch. The 4-player online season features the same controls as the standalone game, as well as the ability to switch to a split-screen mode with more players to create your own tactical battles! With over 100 million online players, FIFA 22 delivers the most intense FIFA multiplayer experience yet. GENERAL GAMEPLAY POWERED BY FOOTBALL The most authentic FIFA experience to date, FIFA 22 draws on the in-depth research and innovation from the FIFA community, delivering a gameplay system that’s true to how the sport is played in real life. FOOTBALL TUNING AND CUSTOMIZATION Rugby is now more precise and accurate than ever before. Pressing just one button makes a player sprint and pass the ball. Pushing and holding the button and spinning the stick makes a player bc9d6d6daa


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Build the ultimate team of licensed players including Ronaldo, Neymar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gareth Bale. From Messi to Suarez to Aguero, with Premier League stars like Cech and Gerrard and other top clubs including Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and the Galacticos. Customise your squad with unique in-game and real-world players for fans around the world to dream on. Features Thousands of new animations, controls, and actions, including new running animations, new styles of moves and more. New, more intuitive passing, shooting and dribbling controls that make it easier than ever to play like your favourite players. All-new Zonal defensive system allows you to strategically man-mark opponents, gaining vital context to your opponents’ positioning on the pitch and understanding when to crowd the ball. All-new Carrier Run system allows you to change direction at speed, avoid four defenders at once, and even run backwards, all in the blink of an eye. All-new Crossing system allows players to knock the ball past the defensive line and cut back on defenders, and also stretch play across the pitch. All-new A.I. improves in 3 key areas: Individual Skill, Teamplay, and Shot Directness. Motion captures of all-new, never-before-seen players and animations that are never-before-seen, further improving the realism of the game. All-new Visual Analysis gives you detailed information on your players’ strengths and weaknesses. All-new Player Dreams make it possible to fulfil your player’s dreams. Become Lionel Messi, Neymar, or Gareth Bale and join the legends of EA SPORTS FIFA franchise. Play through EA SPORTS FIFA and experience FIFA like never before. Become the most desirable player in the world with FIFA – FIFA 22. FIFA® 19 is the biggest gameplay change in FIFA franchise history, offering a complete overhaul of the game’s performance. The engine is faster, more robust, more flexible, and performs at an even higher level than FIFA 18 on both current and next-gen systems. Experience the most immersive, and technically advanced FIFA to date. New features include: FIFA 19-ALL NEW INNOVATIONS Every FIFA game has been getting progressively better at bringing FIFA’s universe to life, but EA has made significant leaps ahead in 2019. A.I. Create the world’s


What’s new:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team provides players the opportunity to construct dream squads from the world’s greatest footballers in authentic club environments.
  • 3v3 Online vs CPU or other players


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FIFA® is the world’s leading sports action game brand, including a football series, all-star competitions and competitions across the world. Each game is made for true-to-life authenticity on the pitch, delivered in FIFA Ultimate Team™, EA SPORTS FIFA, and FIFA Mobile. Who is FIFA? FIFA is the leading football brand in the world with over 365 million players around the world, and over one billion players combined in the FIFA Ultimate Team™ community. FIFA is also the world’s leading sports action game with more than 325 million players playing every month. What’s new in FIFA 22? In FIFA 22, play your way in Ultimate Team and make your mark in Seasons to earn up to 300 new player cards, 70 new uniforms, 26 new country kits, and 4 new game modes. Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode. Watch the announcement video to get an inside look at the new gameplay innovations and to see some of the new content available in FIFA 22. 2K LIVE Play FIFA Online All-Stars, FIFA Mobile, and FIFA Ultimate Team. Also enjoy free games, bonus items and more with 2K LIVE. “Watch the Official Trailer”: ESPN LIVE Embed your favorite sports and get the latest scores, news, highlights and more in ESPN LIVE. Watch the Official Trailer. “Powered by Football” Promo “Change the Pitch” “Play the World Cup in Your Living Room” Unite in FIFA Ultimate Team™: “Powered by Football”Q: Webform module says it cannot load module, yet works in module browser I have a custom module that seems to work fine when viewed in the console or the module browser. However, when trying to use it in a specific Webform, I am getting an ‘Error establishing a database connection’ error. [error] [client IPADDRESS] It seems that your data directory may not be writable. (Not true, as can be seen in the module browser


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