Power of Ideas

I’m proud to inform you that our idea of Vedic Krishi is now selected as one of the top idea of the country by IIM Ahmadabad & Economic Times.

Vedic Krishi came up with a fresh approach of cultivation of medicinal plants. The idea was to train the farmers so that they can earn much than what they used to earn before. This unique idea of growing with the growth of poor farmer was very much appreciated by Nitish Kumar, CM, Bihar for which he gave me “Veer Kunwar Singh” award & now the same idea has won the prestigious “Power of Ideas” contest organized by IIM Ahmadabad & Economic Times.

“Power of Ideas” (http://www.ideas.economictimes.com) is a platform created by The Economic Times to groom and nurture entrepreneurs by connecting them with relevant mentors and investors.

Starting today, I’ll be in IIM Ahmadabad for next 4 days to interact with mentors and take Vedic Krishi to new heights.

I’m thankful to all who supported me and would love to seek your similar support in future

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