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VSUsbLogon is a lightweight security application whose purpose is to help you log in to Windows via your USB flash drive by replacing the password-based Windows login session. You can automatically log in to Windows by simply connecting the USB drive to the computer. User data is encrypted via the 256-bit AES algorithm. User interface The tool reveals a clean feature lineup and automatically lists the devices connected to your computer in the main window. In addition, you may reload or freeze the list with devices. Detailed information about each device is displayed in a special panel, such as name, description, drive letter, file system, volume serial number, volume file system flags, internal ID, type, vendor, product ID, and class. Assign USB to a user VSUsbLogon gives you the possibility to set up user credentials by providing information about the USB device, domain, username, and password. When it comes to logon configuration settings, the application lets you pick the priority level, specify the PIN code, and automatically log in to Windows. Plus, you can un-assign or edit the current logon session. You can define the action that is performed after inserting the USB device into the target system, namely lock the workstation or log off the current computer. Plus, you may trigger a user-defined task after ejecting the USB device, namely shut down or restart the PC, lock the computer, log off the current user, or activate the hibernate or standby mode. Configuration settings VSUsbLogon helps you show the PIN code and confirmation dialog, change the visual aspect of the utility by selecting between several themes, as well as delay the action (e.g. lock the workstation, turn off the computer) based on a custom number of seconds. An overall efficient security tool All in all, VSUsbLogon provides a straightforward way for helping you lock or unlock your computer with the aid of a USB flash drive, and can be mastered by beginners and professionals alike.







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Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 comes with the Logon program. It is a window that allows you to enter the user name and password for Windows. It will display the Logon screen and then let you click OK. This logon screen is the way into Windows for a PC. You can even set this program to automatically log you in when you turn on your PC or laptop. Windows XP does not have a Logon program, and therefore can not use these USB logons. USBCommon Driver is a USB driver. It helps the PC to access a USB port in the device you are using. It also helps in transferring data between the computer and the device. This program is used to manage USB logons. It includes many functions like assign USB, control the logon, disable USB and reset the logged on accounts. Enhanced User-Visible Features: – Assign User – Run As-User – Log off – Disable USB – Enable USB – Reset logged on accounts – Auto-Assign – Reverse-Assign – Auto-Turn off – Auto-Set screen saver – Enable/Disable screen saver – Enable/Disable sounds – Reset sounds – Display UTC time format – Display local time format – Display seconds after the minute and after the hour – Display date and time with the year indicator – Display file system flags on USB – Display volume serial number – Display volume label – Display drive letters Enhanced Settings: – Detailed Devices List – Device Icons – Assign/Remove PINs – Show/Hide PINs – Reset Logon Session – Disable logon screens – Delay logon screens – Enable password lock after logon – Enable password lock after logout – Show logon entries – Hide logon entries – Show logon entries on x64 version – Disable logon entries – Hide logon entries on x64 version – Change logon screen – Change logon screen to x64 version – Change logon screen to x86 version – Change logon screen to Windows 10 – Disable Windows Enhanced Features: – Add/Remove Storage Group – Add/Remove User – Add/Remove Storage Group – Reset Logon Accounts – Remove Logon Accounts – Disable Logon Accounts – Reset Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

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Enables users to log on to a computer using a USB flash drive. Log on to Windows using a USB flash drive Automatically logs you in to Windows, with no password required User credentials can be set by domain, user, or through preset predefined values User passwords can be set by a predefined PIN Allows admins to quickly and easily lock, unlock or shutdown a system or computer Start, lock, shutdown, or restart a computer within a custom number of seconds after inserting or ejecting a USB device Removes Microsoft Account profiles from the USERNAME column in the START menu Customizable status messages (command prompt, etc.) on USB logon and eject Configurable settings of PIN code, delay, and other functions USB logging options: lock the workstation, log off the computer, switch user, and lock the computer. Installation You can download the Setup.zip file from the download section of this website and install the program from there. We love software that help in saving time. When it comes to software, HDD cleaning toolkit shows its best. Even though this is a beginners product, it has a premium design. So, if you are looking for a time-saving product to take out some scrap from your HDD, look no further than this software. Every computer, laptop or desktop, always has stuff that can be easily found in those hard-to-reach places of your computer. The HDD cleaning toolkit is a simple and powerful tool which will help you get rid of all those small clutters and unwanted items with ease. From instant cleaning to scanning, this software can accomplish just about any task you can think of for your computer. But, one thing is for sure, this application is a step up from other similar cleaning tools. Even if you’re a high-tech gamer who is very careful about what he puts into your computer, you can still end up with all kinds of nasty surprises if you don’t pay attention to that storage device. Even the most professional cleaning tools couldn’t help you remove all those crap, and in the case of the bad guys, there is no such software. So, they have to download a virus, trojan, or a worm in order to be rid of your stuff. However, this doesn’t mean that your computer’s files won’t be safe because this software is also equipped with some useful features that will make sure that your files will b7e8fdf5c8

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✔ Automatic logon to Windows, regardless of the computer you use. ✔ Removes the need to remember the computer’s password. ✔ Automatically wipes computer when connection is cancelled. ✔ Locks the computer screen. ✔ Unlocks the computer when disconnecting USB. ✔ Eases your organization requirements. ・Release version 1.2.1 – Fix a problem about when you switch on the tool, a tooltip is caused. – Fix a problem about the appearance of images when you deploy to a computer with Japanese language. ・Release version 1.2.0 – Support for the newly Windows 10. – Fix a problem of generating a startup key. – Fix a problem of update a subkey. – Update several languages. ・Release version 1.1.6 – Fix a problem about a message that a USB device can not be logged. – Fix a problem about a problem that when the computer screen is closed, the logoff can not be completed. ・Release version 1.1.5 – Fix a problem that a startup key is saved. ・Release version 1.1.4 – Fix a problem that when adding a subkey to an existing keychain, the key is not shown. ・Release version 1.1.3 – Fix a problem that when you re-run the installation program, a UI change is not correct. – Fix a problem that when you use a Windows version before Windows 8.1, the appearance is different from Windows 8.1 and later. – Fix a problem that when you used the Windows 8 version, the system effect to run VSUsbLogon is not the same as the Windows 8.1 version. – Fix a problem that when a network device is connected or disconnected, the splash screen can not be displayed. ・Release version 1.1.2 – Fix a problem that an error about USB device not supported. – Fix a problem that an error about a problem that a USB device is not supported. – Fix a problem that an error about a problem that a driver is not found. ・Release version 1.1.1 – Fix a problem that an error about a problem that a driver is not found. ・Release version 1.1.0 – Support for Windows 8.1. – Support for Windows 10. – Fix a

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– Automatically log in to Windows via your USB flash drive – When logging in to Windows via your USB flash drive, it is not necessary to enter a valid login ID and password (Windows accounts) – 256-bit AES encryption algorithm – Supports all current login ID and password formats – Supports volume serial numbers of drives – Editable logon message – Eject Device when inserting into a target computer – Lock workstation when inserting into a target computer – Forcefully disconnect from a network – Save configuration settings – Change the visual aspect of the application – Delay the logon or logoff, restart, lock, hibernate, standby, or logoff the computer according to a custom number of seconds – Support for USB pendrive storage devices and mass storage drives – Ejects USB drive when removing it from the computer – LED indicator on USB device – USB device is automatically listed in the main window – Module for changing the device name – Special functions: · Unlock workstation when inserting into a target computer · Console: Listing all devices connected to the computer, as well as information about each device · Removable drive: Listing all connected drives, as well as information about each · Log off: Log off the current Windows account or shut down the computer · Removable drive: Log off the current Windows account or shut down the computer · Restart: Restart the computer · Lock: Lock the computer · Hibernate: Hibernate the computer · Standby: Standby the computer · Disk: For the sake of safety, the entire system will be logged off or hibernated when you insert a USB stick in your computer. USB stick will be locked after ejecting it from computer · Log off/hibernate, restart, lock, stand-by, and log off the computer: Un-assign the logon session · Log off/hibernate, restart, lock, stand-by, and log off the computer: Un-assign the logon session · Lock, restart, log off, and log off the computer: Un-assign the logon session. I don’t mean to steal the show but I have to ask what do you think of the bottom 3? I understand they get top 4s and are in (not first!) but where do you think they’re gonna fall.

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